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Annual plants grown in containers Pot Quick 96 T root container size 38 x 38 x 78 mm

Cultivated plants:

Name of plants The number of plants in a cell Photos plants
Abies koreana 1 piece  
Abies alba 1 piece  
Abies veitchii 1 piece Abies veitchii
Pinus uncinata 1 piece Pinus uncinata
Pinus sylvestris 1 piece Pinus sylvestris
Pinus strobus 1 piece  
Pinus cembra 1 piece  
Pinus ponderosa 1 piece  
Pinus wallichiana 1 piece  
Pinus peuce 1 piece  
Pinus nigra 1 piece  
Pinus mugo Pumilio 3 – 4 pieces Pinus mugo Pumilio
Picea abies 1 piece Picea abies
Picea omorika 1 piece Picea omorika
Picea pungens 1 piece Picea pungens
Pseudotsuga menziesii 1 piece  
Larix decidua 1 piece Larix decidua
Tsuga canadensis 1 piece  

Plants are shipped from 220 to 250 pcs in one black crate

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